Diffractive Optics Samples

Diffractive optical element (DOE) samples can be very helpful for industry and research in feasibility studies where a proof of concept has to be given. Ideas and theoretical concepts are abstract, thus difficult to understand, and therefore incorporate a higher investment risks. An optical set-up using standard DOE can help to improve understanding, confirm the feasibility of a concept and therefore increase trust and readiness for investment support.

We provide a set of pre-specified DOE samples that are intended for the purpose of feasibility studies or demonstration purposes. The DOE structures are replicated (embossed) into a thin film of UV-Acrylat, silicone or other polymers, depending on the desired wavelenght. Standard microscope slides (76mm x 26mm x 1 mm) are used as substrate.

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Technical-Optics DOE
…Specifications for Samples of DOEs for Technical-Optics.


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