OEM Microdisplay Components A strong co-operation with microdisplay manufacturers enables HOLOEYE to offer a great variety of microdisplay types and products. Depending on the customers display requirements such as technology (transmissive, reflective), LC-modes (ferroelectric, twisted nematic, VAN), resolutions or Pixel size (pitch) and the customers electronics requirements such as signal sources (Video, VGA, DVI,…), frame rates, light sources or geometrical dimensions holoeye can offer the right solution for every OEM application.

HOLOEYE´s OEM Service HOLOEYE´s OEM service includes basic implementation aid and performance specification for specialized applications in higher quantities. Also the modification of the driver boards for customer specific requirements is possible. HOLOEYE can offer low-cost OEM intelligent driver boards, which are amenable to mass production. This positions HOLOEYE to be a key-supplier across numerous markets and to be the very first company to market a “complete solution” to the end user.

Additionally HOLOEYE has entered a strategic partnership with Ballista Inc., an expert in the design and development of display products and illumination systems, which enables HOLOEYE to offer complete optical design services. The great veriety of microdisplays and customized driver boards together with worldwide co-operations enables HOLOEYE to offer OEM solutions which leave nothing to be desired.

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