HOLOEYE Systems was founded to focus on the distribution of OEM microdisplay products and components and to offer better service to the customers.

HOLOEYE Sytems mission is to facilitate the OEM-distribution of microdisplay based products and micro-structured optical components by offering technical design and development services upfront, manufacturing services if necessary throughout the product lifecycle, and mid- to long-term strategies related to supply chain requirements throughout the product lifecycle. One unique aspect to HOLOEYE Systems services are just-in-time product delivery options, in order to minimize the need to stockpile inventory. Regardless of your project´s scope or time frame, HOLOEYE System is the right development partner. HOLOEYE will evaluate your requirements in order to offer a customized solution that includes services such as optical or electronic design, product redesign, verification of electronics, implementation, and even product manufacturing.

OEM Microdisplay Services

HOLOEYE Systems entered a strategic partnership with Brillian Corporation, one of the leading microdisplay manufacturing companies in the world for the HDTV market, to distribute Brillians GEN II LCoS™ microdisplay products. HOLOEYE Systems is providing manufacturers in the field of technical optics, specifically technical projection, imaging, and display technologies, with OEM-hardware and implementation design services.The primary focus is on Head Mounted Displays (HMD) and Heads Up Display (HUD) applications in the automotive, aerospace, and defense industries. Other potential markets include, but are not limited to, optical metrology (fringe projection systems), holographic security systems (dynamic data storage), and optical networking applications (optical router).




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 GEN II LCoS™ Displays

Brillians GEN II LCoS™ Microdisplay Products and Services.

 BR86FL28 Frontlight

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