Near-to-Eye Front Light Kit

The Brillian BR86FL28-1 Near-to-Eye front Light provides incredibly bright, full-color, high-resolution SVGA images using Brillian’s Z86D-3 liquid-crystal-on-silicon (LCoS™) microdisplay. Experience images with up to 400 Fl of brightness in RGB mode. A generous field of view, long eye relief, a large eyebox, generous view aperture, and low distortion are all enabled into this innovative design. Field-sequential operation enables use of the 480,000 pixels for red, green, and blue—offering a true 800 x 600 image in both color and monochrome applications.

With the BR86FL28-1, you can accelerate your near-to-eye product development. Eliminate the time and expense of complex optical development, prototyping, and tooling. Ready-to-implement electrical reference designs for driving and illuminating the microdisplay are available along with personalized levels of technical support for both reference and custom designs. Brillian’s near-to-eye components enable rapid prototyping of headmounted display and viewfinder designs. Whether you´re developing viewframes gear, rugged outdoor applications or HUDs for commercial products, Brillian’s BR86FL28-1 provides stunning image performance.


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