Previously, the availability of microdisplay components has been limited. However, with the growth in the HDTV market in the recent past, this is no longer the case. HOLOEYE and BRILLIAN Corporation, one of the leading microdisplay manufacturing companies in the world for the HDTV market, have signed an agreement, which enables HOLOEYE to address all industrial, medical and emerging markets with LCoS™ Gen. II microdisplay products in Europe and North-America.Due to this agreement HOLOEYE can offer adapted OEM solutions and implementation design services in the field of technical optics, specifically technical projection, imaging, and display technologies.

The LCoS™ GEN II systems outperform all other display technologies with respect to resolution, size, ease of use, and quality. Furthermore, in cooporation with Brillian, HOLOEYE is able to offer these solutions at significant cost savings. This means that even the highly cost-sensitive automotive industry should be able to develop HUD systems capable of unheard of resolution using HDTV technology. HOLOEYE Systems can offer low-cost OEM intelligent driver-board, which are amenable to mass production. This positions HOLOEYE Systems to be a key-supplier accross numerous markets and to be the very first company to market a “complete solution” to the end-user, whether they are in the automotive, defense or aerospace industry.

The unbeatable image quality of Brillians projection display products enables HOLOEYE to offer OEM services which leave nothing to be desired. With better image fidelity and compelling performance differentiators, Brillians LCoS™ microdisplays set a new standard of performance above that of micromirror, plasma, LCD, and other GEN I microdisplay technologies.


 LCoS™ Specifications

Brillian GEN II LCoS™
Microdisplay Specifications

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Brillian LCoS™ Microdisplay Specifications


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