HSI-K02 and HSI-K03 Microprojection Modules – Specifications

The HSI-K02 and the HSI-K03 microprojection module is a compact opto-mechanical assembly that combines LCoS microdisplays and LED illumination. The Micro Projection Engine becomes a small projector when combined with an ocular lens for Near-to-Eye applications or combined with a projection lens for a front projector application.
Besides volume distibution, HOLOEYE Systems offers the HSI-K02 Plug and Play Development Kit for prototype systems. With this ready-to-use LCoS™ microdisplay development kit you can quickly and cost-effectively demonstrate prototype performance. The HSI-K02 development kit was designed to be a flexible engineering tool and to speed up R&D; time to market.

HSI-K02and HSI-K03 Key Features and Benefits

  • Over 4,000 fL maximum brightness:
    Extraordinary brightness and clarity greatly enhance image quality.
  • Applicable to field-of-view optics:
    The design enables a variety of Field-ofView products.
  • >93% microdisplay fill factor:
    Delivers smooth, high-quality images without pixelation or the “screen door” effect.
  • Lightweight:
    Just 23 grams, the display with illumination module is ideally suited for applications that require a compact, mobile design.
  • Complete drive-electronics + module solutions:
    The device can easily be adapted to meet a range of reference and custom design requirements.
HSI-K02 and HSI-K03 Specifications
Configurations HSI-K02/03:
Includes optical module, standard microdisplay and illumination LED assemblies, assembled.
Microdisplay Type
Microdisplay Color Mode
Field sequential
120 Hz frame rate
360 Hz color field rate
Microdisplay Resolution
800 x 600 pixels
Microdisplay Aperture Ratio / Fill Factor
Microdisplay Image Area
9.6 mm x 7.2 mm
12 mm diagonal
(0.47” diagonal)
Module Dimensions
44,36 x 21,8 x 28,16 mm
Monochrome Red:
Monochrome Green:
Monochrome Blue:
680 fL
1,500 fL
600 fL
400 fL
1,800 fL
4,000 fL
1,600 fL
1,800 fL
Virtual Image Size
Compatible with 24-28° FOV
Imaging Exit Pupil
Compatible with eyepices
1 mm diaphragm exit pupil
(at 28° FOV)
23 g (0.8 oz)
Illumination Eyebox
7 mm diameter @ 28° FOV
min. 80:1
Illumination LEDs Power Dissipation
-Min.17.4 mW (HSI-K02 – in Color Mode)
-Max. 4.7 W (HSI-K03 – in Monochrome Mode)
Actual dissipation depends on brightness requirements.

Display only: 400 mW
Temperature Range
-20 to +60 °C (operating)
-45 to +70 °C (storage)

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