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HOLOEYE´s LCOS Microdisplay Components

Primarily developed for HDTV rear projection TVs, LCOS (Liquid Cristal on Silicon) microdisplays offer high resolution with small pixels and high contrast. HOLOEYE Systems offers LCOS microdisplays components for the development of HUDs, Near-to-Eye applications and all other applications where high resolution with high contrast is needed. All LCOS microdisplay components are available including all hardware and engineering support.

LCOS Phase Modulating Microdisplays

HOLOEYE developed a special high resolution LCOS microdisplay optimized for pure phase only modulation. A high resolution phase modulating liquid crystal microdisplay coupled with a laser source produces a very light efficient holographic projection system. With holographic projection it is possible to reduce the overall size of a projection system to enable use in applications where space for a projector is limited, e.g. HUDs.

Engineering & Optical Design

HOLOEYE´s engineering services include optical, mechanical, and illumination design. Our experience with optics, microdisplays, and illumination systems allows us to quickly develop products with complex optical systems without the need to reinvent system architectures.

Supply Chain Management

Long term programs and long product life cycles require a secure ditribution of components in same quality over long time peroiods. HOLOEYE Systems offers services to secure the availability of microdisplay components for these long term programs, independent from commercial product cycles.


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