HOLOEYE Systems, Inc. – Business Focus

HOLOEYE Systems Inc (HSI) was founded to focus on the distribution of OEM LCOS microdisplay products and components for specialty markets such as the automotive, aerospace and defense industries.

HSI offers technical design and development services, manufacturing services and mid- to long-term strategies for supply chain management.

HSI has strategic partnerships with leading LCOS microdisplay manufacturing companies, to distribute LCOS microdisplays products and components. HSI provides expertise in technical optics, imaging, and display technologies, with LCOS-hardware and implementation of design solutions. Typical products include Head Mounted Displays (HMD) and Heads-up-Displays (HUD) optical metrology (fringe projection systems), holographic security systems (dynamic data storage), and optical networking applications (optical router).

Technical Expertise

  • See-Through and Occluded HMD’s
  • HUD’s
  • High Resolution Viewfinders
  • Virtual Control Panels
  • Holographic Projection Systems
  • Wavefront Correction
  • Beam Shaping and Steering
  • Fringe Projection
  • Spatial Light Modulators (Amplitude and & Phase)
  • Diffractive Optical Elements (Static & Dynamic)

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