Assisted & Augmented Reality Displays

Assisted or augmented reality displays present additional information in overlay to the real world. With these optical see-through modules the user can see the real world and virtual assistance information at the same time. With the HSI-K02 and HSI K03 HOLOEYE Systems offers a very compact LCoS based projection module for easy integration in assisted and augmented reality applications

Near-to-Eye Microprojection Modules

HOLOEYE´s Near-to-Eye Projection Modules provide incredibly bright, full-color, high-resolution SVGA images using the Z86D-3 liquid-crystal-on-silicon (LCoS™) microdisplay. Images can yield up to 1,800 fL of brightness in RGB mode. A generous field of view, long eye relief, a large eyebox, and low distortion are all enabled in this innovative design.

Field-sequential operation allows use of the 480,000 pixels for red, green, and blue—offering a true 800 x 600 image in both color and monochrome applications. Large pixel count and small pixel gaps, as well as sequential use of the same pixel for red, green and blue offers a very sharp and photo-like image.

Design Example: Helmet Mounted Optical See-Through Application

HSI-K02/03 – Near to Eye SVGA Microprojection Modules:

  • Customized Brightness:
    The Near-to-Eye microdisplay module is available in 2 different versions (HSI-K02 and HSI-K03 – see specifications table) and employs the latest LED illumination from renowned manufacturers. HOLOEYE can customize LED selections for both brightness and wavelength. Operating in monochrome modes, brightness of more that 4,000 fL can be achieved.
  • Low Power:
    The HSI-K02 is well suited for battery-operated products. Low operating currents and adjustable brightness levels can save power and extend battery life.
  • Low Temperature:
    The Near-to-Eye module employs a heater and temperature sensor operating at –32°C(-25.6°F). Operation without a heater is possible above 0°C (32°F).
  • Long Lifetime:
    Well established liquid crystal technology and non-organic LED illumination provides durability and reliability. The robust design allows extreme operational and storage temperature ranges.
  • See-Through Applications:
    The Near-to-Eye projection module is the perfect choice for daylight applications, where brightness is essential. See-Through designs, such as augmented reality, and natural scenes with data overlays are visible even in high brightness daylight conditions.

Design Example: Dayvision Infrared Handheld Device


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