HSI-K02 Plug and Play Development Kit for Prototype Systems

With the HSI-K02 development kit the user can accelerate near-to-eye product development and eliminate the time and expense of complex optical development, prototyping, and tooling. Ready-to-implement electrical reference designs for driving and illuminating the microdisplays are available along with personalized levels of technical support for both reference and custom designs. HOLOEYE´s near-to-eye components enable rapid prototyping of headmounted display and viewfinder designs. Whether you´re developing viewfinders for rugged outdoor applications or HUDs for commercial products; HSI-K02 provides stunning image performance.

HOLOEYE’s HSI-K02 Development Kit for near-to-eye applications is a comprehensive toolkit for integrating the HSI-K02 optical module into helmets, range finders or telescopes. With this ready-to-use LCoS™ microdisplay development kit you can quickly and cost-effectively demonstrate prototype performance. The HSI-K02 development kit was designed to be a flexible engineering tool and to speed up R&D; time to market.

It features a DVI input that accepts digital images from a personal computer. The proprietary Windows®-compatible development software with graphical user interface presents the system’s operating parameter adjustments in a clear and organized manner, and permits custom gamma profiles to be developed.

HSI-K02 Front Light Module:

The main units of the development kit are the HSI-K02 Front Light module and the Electronic Control Box. The HSI-K02 module is mounted on a stand that accommodates a detachable ocular lens. This allows access to the optical interface of the HSI-K02 module for inspection and measurement.

Color or Monochrome:

The kit operates in color mode offering up to 400 fL brightness. When operated in monochrome mode, brightness can increase to over 1,000 fL. Colors in monochrome mode can be selected within the primary color space.

Electronic Control Box:

Accommodates the display driver chip and provides inputs for DVI-digital, DVI-analog, VGA, PAL and NTSC. Best results are achieved by using the DVI-digital interface. When PAL or NTSC input is used, a scaler function expands the number of horizontal lines from the original format to 800 lines, but ultimate resolution is limited by the input source.


The kit is equipped with an LVDS cable and associated driver and receiver circuits. This cable connection can be easily extended to a few yards so the display unit and the electronics can be positioned at different locations.

Control Software:

The control software provides user access to gamma tables, illumination control (LED brightness) and internal registers.

IR Remote Control:

The remote control provides easy access to the internal OSD menus to select video functions.

I2C Bus:

The control box features an I2C interface that gives access to all internal registers in the electronics.


Supplied Hardware Components:

  • HSI-K02 High Brightness Front Light Module
  • LVDS Cable Receiver
  • LVDS Cable
  • Ocular Lens
  • Stand
  • Electronics Control Box with DVI Extension
  • AC Adapter
  • Programming Cable
  • I2C Dongle
  • Control Software

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