HOLOEYE Photonics AG was founded in Berlin, Germany in 1998 to focus on the design and production of Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) microdisplays, active spatial light modulators, and diffractive optical elements.

To better serve the North American market, HOLOEYE Photonics AG opened a US sales office in 2004.  Shortly after, it became apparent that our customers in specialty markets such as such as Aerospace, Fire & Rescue Service, Military & Law Enforcement, and Medical & Life Sciences wanted fully integrated systems. To better meet those demands HOLOEYE Systems, Inc. (HSI) was established in 2005 as an entirely independent US entity, adding mechanical and electrical design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities.

HOLOEYE Systems, Inc. is vertically integrated and controls the LCOS microdisplay supply chain from  silicon to solution which allows HSI to offer mid- to long-term strategies for supply chain management. Today HSI designs and produces a wide variety of products including Near to Eye Displays, Optical Overlay Systems, Head-up-Displays, and fully customized LCOS microdisplays.


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