Design, Engineering & Manufacturing


Engineering and Optical Design

HOLOEYE´s engineering services include optical, mechanical, and illumination design. Our experience with optics, microdisplays, illumination, and waveguide systems enables us to quickly develop products with complex optical systems without the need to reinvent system architectures. By leveraging proven technology, supply chains, and processes, development risks are mitigated and product plans realized.

  • High performance display requirements development
  • Near to Eye, optical overlay, see-through, projection, and holographic display design
  • Display optical design
  • PCB layout, manufacture, & bonding
  • Machined parts design & manufacture
  • System integration
  • Functional testing

Prototyping and Production

In addition to optical engine design, HOLOEYE offers rapid prototyping and production run volumes. Using the latest Haas CNC machines, we deliver high precision parts with high repeatability. Process control ensures delivery of precision part on a timely basis. We interface with popular CAD programs and encourage our customers to transfer drawings and files electronically, thereby saving time and money. Our 3D machining capability also reduces your engineering drawing time by up to 40% by reducing detailed part drawings.