Applications & Solutions

HOLOEYE Systems, Inc. specializes in designing, engineering, and manufacturing fully customized  amplitude and phase modulated LCOS microdisplay solutions for specialty markets such as Aerospace,  Fire & RescueService, Military & Law Enforcement, Medical & Life Sciences as well as Industrial. The following examples demonstrates how HSI can assist in developing next generation displays using  LCOS technology:

Near to Eye (NTE) and Head Mounted Displays (HMD)

  • High Brightness/Contrast and Resolution (up to 4,096×2,400)
  • Expertise in coupling to holographic waveguides
  • Examples include see-through and occluded, such as combat aircraft near-to-eye displays, fire fighter mask mounted displays, and diver mask integration

Head-Up-Displays (HUD)

  • High performance designs for new aircraft and retrofittable installations
  • 1.3:1 Brightness to Sky ratios in compact footprints
  • Waveguide or conventional optic compatible

Overlay Displays for Direct View Optics

  • Premier performance display available for extremely high brightness/contrast applications,
  • LCOS provides unequaled display quality, temperature performance, and power savings
  • Examples include graphical displays for riflescopes, binoculars, and rangefinders both integrated and clip-on variants

Ultra High Resolution Seamless Display Walls and Tables

  • Existing designs for 12k x 4k resolution seamless display walls (24 x DVI)
  • 100 dots per inch or greater give extremely sharp imagery compared to conventional systems
  • 130” diagonal with multitouch

True Holographic Displays

  • Revolution in approach to displaying true 3D holographic data as opposed to current solutions,
    such as stereoscopic, autostereoscopic, volumetric holography, etc.
  • Uses phase modulated LCOS to create true holograms without the need for projection media,
    such as spinning mirrors or fogs, the use of special glasses, or application of coatings on the
  • Examples include Near-to-Eye, Desktop Monitor, and Tabletop configurations

Fourier “No Optic” Displays

  • Phase Modulation of LCOS offers a new approach to displays
  • Optics are “embedded” into the image output, enabling direct to eye, without optics, displays
  • Opportunities to significantly shrink existing conventional optical systems


  • Laser Beam Steering, Splitting, and Divergence Control
  • Wavefront Correction
  • Polarimetric Camera
  • Optical networking